Friday, March 03, 2006

On the Claymates: This Is Your Soundtrack

Okay, so today's Not-Even-Random Ten is dedicated to those poor, disillusioned Claymates. Aw, cheer up, girls! You'll find a new pop idol before you know it. I hear George Michael is always looks for groupies.

Hey, there, cutie. I love those shoes. Prada?

1. Nina Simone, "Sinnerman"
2. Original Broadway Cast of Avenue Q, "If You Were Gay"
3. Carmen McRae, "How Long Has This Been Going On (MJ Cole remix)"
4. Dashboard Prophets, "Dismissing the Myth"
5. Soft Cell, "Tainted Love"
6. Shirley Bassey, "The Party's Over"
7. Lauryn Hill, "I Used to Love Him"
8. Harry Connick, Jr., "But Not For Me"
9. Annie Lennox, "No More I Love Yous"
10. The Smiths, "What Difference Does It Make?"

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