Thursday, March 16, 2006

On this guy (you know who you are): This Is Your Soundtrack

Okay, so this is going to be a very rare and very personal Friday Not-Even-Random Ten; this one will make sense to probably - nay, precisely - seven people in the entire world. But for you seven: No, seriously, totally. Whenever. Give me a call; I'll throw together some SkyMiles or something. Not even kidding.

1. Elvis, "(You're the) Devil In Disguise"
2. Big City Sunrise, "Take a Ride"
3. Limp Bizkit, "Break Stuff"
4. Mandy Moore, "Crush"
5. Joss Stone, "Chokin' Kind"
6. Saliva, "Click Click Boom"
7. Jump, Little Children, "Body Parts"
8. Ohio Players, "Fire"
9. Guster, "Getting Even"
10. Benny Cassette, "Watch Your Back"

Everyone else, your Ten, Random or no, goes below.

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