Thursday, December 07, 2006

On class


Okay, so I've made no secret of the fact that I kind of like Laura Bush. Her behavior at the most recent White House Easter egg roll notwithstanding, I like the fact that she tends to more progressive views independent of her husband's, I like her recent tendency to wear bolder colors (quite flattering on a woman her age with her coloring), I like her choice of Oscar de la Renta for so many formal events, and even if rumors are true about her tendency to drink, can anyone blame her? She seems to be stuck in one of those King of Queens marriages where everyone wonders how such a cool woman ended up with such a turd for a husband. No Jackie Kennedy she, nor a Rosalynn Carter, but she's not the worst of them.

My opinion of her was only cemented when, Sunday night at the Kennedy Center Honors, she found herself among not two, not three, but four women wearing the same red beaded Oscar de la Renta jacket dress. And despite the fact that she looked fantastic in it and wore it far better than the other three women, she did the classy thing and went upstairs and changed into a different, less flattering, dress.

In honor of that action, I'd like to call upon Oscar de la Renta to take up the mantle of official White House couturier and design all of Laura's event dresses to spare her such indignities in the future. If she's going to drop $8,500 on a gown, she deserves to have one that no one else will be wearing, and she's certainly done well by Oscar in the past. By offering his expertise for free (or at cost), Oscar would be doing a service not only to Laura Bush but to every other Washington woman who happens to share her sense of style and bank account.

Laura, nicely done. You're a classy lady. Ditch the bozo, and I think we could be friends. Call me.

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