Monday, April 16, 2007

On radio silence

Okay, so Doug at Hey Jenny Slater has a stunningly well-written and thoughtful post about the recent tragedy at Virginia Tech and, more specifically, our reaction to it and, still more specifically, our terrifically selfish automatic reaction to it, to twist to our own purposes a huge event that isn't about us.

I'm joining Doug in 24 hours of blog silence, and I invite y'all to do the same. Take the time to pray, to think, to consider all of the times when our first reaction is to ask how does this apply to me or how can I use this, to consider all of the times we've hurt someone else through our thoughtless or malicious acts of selfishness, to really examine all of the times in our lives that we could put someone else's pain or dreams or feelings above our own and fail to do it. And then hold onto it, never forget it, but tuck it into the back of your mind, because again, that's all about you, and right now, this isn't about you. This is about a lot of other people, and if there is one person you can touch and comfort in the wake of this tragedy, that is what we should be doing right now.

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