Wednesday, April 04, 2007

On your own edible Jesus

Okay, so Bill Donahue has appointed himself official shit-fitter of the Catholic church. First it was his campaign against Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan for, apparently, hating Catholics. Well, no, first it was the whole "War on Christmas" and on Easter and on every other vaguely religious holiday, and then it was the War on the Edwards Bloggers, and now it's... Well, we'll let him tell you.
Bill Donohue, head of the watchdog Catholic League, said it was “one of the worst assaults on Christian sensibilities ever.

“It’s not just the ugliness of the portrayal, but the timing — to choose Holy Week is astounding,” he said.

“As I’ve said many times before, Lent is the season for non-believers to sow seeds of doubt about Jesus. What’s scheduled to go on ... is of a different genre: this is hate speech. And choosing Holy Week—the display opens on Palm Sunday and ends on Holy Saturday—makes it a direct in-your-face assault on Christians.

All those involved are lucky that angry Christians don’t react the way extremist Muslims do when they’re offended—otherwise they may have more than their heads cut off. James Knowles, President and CEO of the Roger Smith Hotel (interestingly, he also calls himself Artist-in-Residence), should be especially grateful. And if he tries to spin this as reverential, then he should substitute Muhammad for Jesus and display him during Ramadan.

I am contacting hundreds of organizations about this assault. Our allied list contains scores of Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu organizations, as well as secular groups, that share our concerns about religious hate speech and the degradation of our culture..."
(emphasis mine; spittle-flecked rage all his)

And what has Donohue so completely enraged that he'll go so far as to make oblique death threats to hotel CEOs?


Anger-inducing, I suppose, because our confectionary Lord and Savior is depicted with his Kit Kats hanging out, although we did read the Passion in church on Sunday and I don't remember following "they divided his clothing by casting lots" with "except for his underoos, which were thoughtfully left to preserve his dignity during the process of scourging him, stabbing him, and nailing him to a cross." Or maybe Donohue's not a fan of the Black Jesus. But whatever's got his loincloth in a knot, what's important to remember is that this is the worst assault on Christian sensibilities EVAR.

Worse, one may assume, than the Crusades.
Worse than the Spanish Inquisition.
Worse than the sale of indulgences.
Worse than South Park's "Jesus and Pals".
Worse than the Church's criminal negligence in ignoring the Holocaust.
Worse than the history of institutional misogyny that has arisen from the Church's teachings.
Worse than the relentless twisting of Christian doctrine to suit decidedly secular political motives.
Worse than Precious Moments figurines.
Worse than world poverty, worse than war, worse than man's inhumanity to man.
Worse than, apparently, the crucifixion itself.

Chocolate Jesus.

Anyway, Bill Donohue stamped his foot and got his way; the My Sweet Lord display came down before its opening, sparing the Christian world the sight of Jesus crucified with his bits showing. And proving what anyone who's ever dealt with a toddler already knows: Giving in to a temper tantrum only encourages them in the future.

Anyone know what to do with a 200-pound milk chocolate statue of the son of God?

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