Friday, April 06, 2007

On things that are okay if you're a Republican

Okay, so a lot has been made about Nancy Pelosi's recent trip to Syria and the things that she did there. But it's important to remember one thing: What she did was wrong, wrong, wrong, because she did it while she was a Democrat. This, we all know, is the ultimate sin. Just about everything you could want to do, however, IOKIYAR.

What could she have gotten away with, had she only been clever enough to change her party affiliation first?

Well, the scarf thing, to begin with. IOK when Laura Bush wears one to the Vatican, or to the Dome of the Rock, or when Condoleezza Rice wears one to a mosque in Tajikistan. Why? Because they're Republicans.

She also could have gotten away with talking smack about the President. When Denny Hastert visited Colombia in 1997, he told Colombian military officers to "bypass" President Clinton and "communicate directly with Congress." Now, Pelosi didn't actually bash Bush or his policy regarding Syria, according to a Republican Representative who joined her on her bipartisan trip; she just passed on a message from Prime Minister Olmert of Israel. But had she wanted to bash the president, IOK... if she'd been a Republican.

She also could have gotten White House approval for her trip if she'd been a Republican. After all, three Republican Congressmen went just days before, and it was understood that they did so "in cooperation with the administration." They even got to criticize the president's foreign policy regarding diplomacy with Syria while they were there. IOK to do stuff like that, if you're a Republican.

I hate it for her, and I hate it for the Democrats, because a Democratic Speaker of the House is quite the coup. But it's obvious that if you want to accomplish anything - and actually get away with it - if you want to do stuff that's treasonous and underhanded and wrong and bad and naughty and dangerous and felonious and detrimental to foreign policy, it's perfectly fine and excusable and okay... IYAR.

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