Monday, October 23, 2006

On another schmuck in the Middle East

Okay, so reality TV has never been a favorite of mine, particularly the shows where everyone is stabbing each other in the back, or people are eating rotten squid testicles, or skinny women are making asses of themselves over some prince who ends up being a construction worker-slash-aspiring model. But The Amazing Race is not only tolerable to me, but enjoyable. It's the only one I watch (when I do watch it), and it's the only one I'd ever want to take part it (and I do).

Here are a couple of highlights from last night's episode:

This is Sarah, the girl with the prosthetic leg, climbing one of the Kuwait Towers as her boyfriend lounges in the sun on the ground below, soliloquizing to the camera about how strong she is.

This is Peter, the boyfriend, who has spent the entire race yelling at Sarah (the girl with the prosthetic leg) to hurry up, now yelling at her for not being able to read their Arabic road map, not being able to speak Arabic, and not being able to magically teleport them to the camel yard where their next task will be.

This is Peter and Sarah as they get the news that they've been eliminated, at which point Sarah reveals to Peter that she's dumping him because "he is a very strong go-getter," but he's also a total asshole.

So not all reality TV is bad.

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