Sunday, October 01, 2006

On the proudest moment in Practically Harmless history

Okay, so on an entirely non-political note (and by gum, we need one right now), I present an honor that will, I'm sure, delight, but not surprise, many regular Practically Harmless readers.

Courtesy of Saturday's Googler from Dublin, Ireland (of all places), we have the discovery that Practically Harmless is the number one - number one, I tell you - result for the search "man hating ball breakin hairy legged feminist".

Seriously, this honor comes as a complete shock. I don't have a speech prepared. I didn't even know I was nominated. And I want to say to all of the other feminist blogs out there - this is not my honor alone. I won't start naming names, because I know I'd just forget to thank someone, but I couldn't have done it without the other strong women in my blogroll. So please know, ladies, that this one is for you, too.

I am kvelling.

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