Monday, October 02, 2006

On... Well, on some words I'm kind of reluctant to use, 'cause thence come some seriously freaky Google searches

Okay, so all of this national politics has been a real distraction from some of my girly blogs, which is terrible of me in light of recent honors. So I check over at Pandagon, where Pam reports that SCOTUS has upheld a ban on sex toys in the state of Texas.

Now, as easy as it would be to make some crude joke about dildos from Texas, I will refrain.

Instead, I will turn my attention to the passage that caught my eye in the first place, which outlined a loophole left in a similar Alabama law:
The law allowed the sale of vibrators and body massagers that are not specifically designed or marketed to the public as sexual aids. Sales of sexual devices were exempt if they were to be used ‘for a bona fide medical, scientific, educational, legislative, judicial or law enforcement purpose.’

Er... ahem. With all of the past and current law enforcement officers who, for some reason, find themselves cruising past my blog, I hesitate to even inquire as to how one might use a vibrator in the course of law enforcement. I might, however, be tempted to wonder why I never get pulled over by a "personal massager"-wielding statey; I mean, if I'm going to get screwed on a speeding ticket anyway, I might as well get to enjoy it.

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